The Aurameres

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The Aurameres

are the source of the Guardians' elemental powers over Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Quintessence. Each Auramere is a luminous colored orb located in Kandrakar, and is protected by Luba. They appear in every arc of the comic series and the second season of the animated series.
If the Aurameres were to be damaged or completely destroyed, the Guardians would lose their powers forever.
In N is for Narcissist, Nerissa tried to absorb the power of the Auremeres but it all goes to Cornelia. In "Z is for Zenith", Miranda, after she and Cedric stole Phobos' power, attempted to destroy the Aurameres, but Caleb and Sandpit stopped her.

The Aurameres

The Auramere of Quintessence
The Auramere of Quintessence was previously the source of Nerissa's power but currently the source of Will's power. This Auramere is pink.

The Auramere of Water
The Auramere of Water was previously the source of Cassidy's power but currently the source of Irma's power. This Auremere is blue.

The Auramere of Fire
The Auramere of Fire was previously the source of Halinor's power but currently the source of Taranee's power. This Auremere varies between orange and red.

The Auramere of Earth
The Auramere of Earth was previously the source of Kadma's power but currently the source of Cornelia's power. This Auramere varies between yellow and moss green.

The Auramere of Air
The Auramere of Air was previously the source of Yan Lin's power but currently the source of Hay Lin's power. This Auramere's colour varies quite a lot being blue, indigo, teal and purple.

While in the comics, the symbol of Auramere of Air resembles the shape of a "c". In the television series it is shaped like a whirlwind.
In the television series, the color of Aurameres are lighter.
The symbols of air and water are often exchanged in both the television series and the comic book, because of similarities.
The symbol of Auramere energy appears in the series television with its symbol to the cut ends, while the comic book, it has rounded tips.
In the clothes of the "New Power", The Guardians symbols appear on their clothes.
The symbols of Aurameres are actually runes that represent the elements, therefore the name "Witch" has runes between the letters with the symbols of the elements.
The name "Witch" all the runes with symbols of the elements are the colors of Aurameres, Exeter Will, which has a shade of pink instead Larajasse.
The Heart is Kandrakar Auramerer is a form of energy, so that the guardian of the energy stays with the Heart of Kandrakar so that during the transformation often the symbol of auramerer energy appears in the heart of Kandrakar (see this in image).
According to Matt during "New Power", Kandrakar is the heart of the sanctuary with all the powers of Aurameres.
In the television series, the Aurameres takes the form of spheres, while in the comics, they appears often in the form of pendants like the Heart of Kandrakar.



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Ten poslední obrázek se mi líbí nejvíc :3 :D

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The top image doesn't belong to you. Please either credit me, or remove it. Thank you.

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