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All families ♥

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Napoleon is a normal black cat in comic present from will to Cornelia when caleb transformed to a flower
but Cornelia didn't warm up to him and gives to her little sister instead at first Cornelia hated him for attaking flower caleb but discovered it was actually protect it from a crow

In the TV series Napoleon can talk and transform when he needs to as a regent of earth.
Originally, Will bought him from Matt's grandfather's pet store as a present to Cornelia to help her to try and get over her heartbreak over Caleb. Cornelia gives Napoleon to Lillian. The girls first discover Napoleon can talk in the episode "U is for Undivided." Upon discovering that Lillian is the Heart of Earth, Matt and Cornelia convince Lillian to share her power with Matt, Napoleon and Mr. Huggles, making them the Re


Irma use power of water(3)

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H is for Hunted

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Pic from part Illusion

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Check new picture ♥ from part Illusion, W.I.T.C.H use powers ♥

Hay Lin

Witch from The Sims 3

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Taranee animation

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I love Irma ♥

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Will use storms

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